Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Power of Light

“When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste:
Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
For precious friends hid in death's dateless night,
And weep afresh love's long since cancelled woe,
And moan the expense of many a vanished sight:
Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
And heavily from woe to woe tell o'er
The sad account of fore-bemoaned moan,
Which I new pay as if not paid before.
But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restor'd and sorrows end.”
- Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30

In the past several blog posts, we have encouraged you to think about why you do what you do and reflect on the meaning of your actions. As we have prepared for the Light v. Dark Art Show & Wine Tasting over the last month, we have focused on the contrast of light and darkness and how it is present in our lives and in our art. In this contrast, we often find perspective and inspiration for both life and art.

Exploring art and your inner artist is about taking a broader look at the world and incorporating all elements - sights, sounds, and sensual experiences - into your understanding. Art, whether it be a painting, a sonnet, a song, or an artfully prepared meal, conveys feeling and explores the human experience, both the light and the dark.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30, for example, explores the notions of sorrow and regret that color many of our canvases. It further highlights the fact that perception is a huge part of survival. When we reflect on the woes of our past, everything may seem awful. Dark. However, as the last line indicates, “but if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restor'd and sorrows end.” Light.

We are a week away from the Light v. Dark Art Show & Wine Tasting on Thursday, May 1st. Allison Fowler and David Robbins have captured this contrast of light and dark in their paintings, which will be on display for the first time. These paintings deliver emotion to which almost anyone can relate. Some will see the joy in the pieces. While others, will focus on the undertones of sadness. We promise you, however, that if like us, you have considered the significance of light and dark and the parallels in life, you will be captivated by these paintings.

Find your perspective.
Paint your day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coming into The Light

As you may remember from our last blog post, we are having a Light v. Dark Art Show on May 1st. In the lead up to that event, we want to encourage you to think about what light and darkness represents, how it impacts your life and ultimately how it shapes art.

The last time we posted, we posed two questions - 1) What is the point of it all? and 2) Why do we do what we do?

Today seems like the perfect opportunity to talk more about the light. After what seems like a prolonged period of darkness, the sights, sounds and feel of Spring have arrived. The trees are in full bloom. The birds are active composing new songs. The sun has broken free of the clouds. As we enter this period of growth, take the opportunity to find your perspective. Find your light, your love, and the reason why you are here.

Consider this...What would life be without light? Light sustains our very existence. Light is energy. Light represents truth and knowledge, as it reveals the secrets hidden in the shadows of darkness. Light is often related to the religious event of Easter - a hope of new beginnings, eternal life.

The brightest light versus the darkest dark, a contrast that defines our paintings as well as our lives. Without the dark we could not fully appreciate the light. In paintings, for example, the darkest areas bring clarity to the lightest aspects, making them appear even more brilliant. The same is true in life. Simply put, the good days are accentuated by having the bad ones.

Darkness in itself can be positive, however. Wine and other perishables are stored away from the warmth of the sun’s light to preserve their best characteristics and to prevent decay. Darkness is also a refuge that allows us to replenish our resources. Each night, when the sun has left us, we have the opportunity to recharge and to dream. Under the cloak of darkness, self-discovery often occurs. We are left alone with our thoughts and given the opportunity to realize more fully who we are and to grow comfortable with our own existence.

Appreciate the contrasts of light and dark. Find your perspective. Dream big. Paint your day! Put the perspective on your day, the one that YOU want.

Join us May 1st for the Light v. Dark Art Show and Wine Tasting. Take a look at how Allison Fowler and Dave Robbins have interpreted this theme and expressed it in their paintings. Take away a new perspective to color your life.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Building on You

What’s the point of it all? Why do we do what we do?

These are some of the myriad of life’s questions. We think about this every day. Frequently, there are some glimpses that provide momentary answers, but often we are left with those thoughts lingering in the back of our minds.

While one blog post cannot do justice to these quandaries, this post is the start of a journey. A trip through some of what makes Grapes & Gallery tick, and one that might inspire you to take a closer look at your surroundings and the people that you meet.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “where do the ideas for your paintings come from?”. While some of them are inspired from other pieces of art and some are original pieces by our artists, a surprising number of our paintings come from YOU. That’s right. Our friends, family, and fellow painters approach us with photographs they have taken, ideas that they have seen, and themes they have yet to explore. They put their faith in us to transform the image they have in their mind into a painting on canvas.

For example, the new painting, “Botany Bay,” we are offering this Saturday (April 5th) was inspired by a photograph. A dear friend stopped by one afternoon and, over the course of a beer, described how special Botany Bay is to her. She told us about the sunrise, the appearance of light replacing the dark, and the majesty of this particular spot. She also showed us a photograph that attempted to capture what that place represents for her with a quick caveat that the photo, while amazing, does not do the scene justice.

The sunrise floods the scene with light as the darkness escapes.

Fortunately for us, she not only allowed us to replicate her photo in a painting, but she encouraged it. She wanted to share this special place.

Life reflected in a painting.

In long response to a seemingly simple question, we get our inspiration from YOU. We build on the unique qualities, knowledge and experiences of everyone we meet.

What’s the point of it all? Why do we do what we do? While we may question our purpose, as we celebrate two years of being in business in April, we know that YOU are at the center of everything we do. Our artists, our customers, our vendors, our friends and family bring light to every day and step we take.

We will continue to explore these questions and will delve deeper into the contrasts of light and dark over the coming weeks, culminating with a Light & Dark art show and wine tasting May 1st.

In the meantime...Thank you! Paint Your Day