Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Abstract Art - The Continuum

Is all art abstract? Are there varying degrees of abstract? Can one thing be more abstract than another? Hmmm...A look around the gallery might indicate, “yes”.

Let’s start with Al’s work. The images of the low country are beautiful, vibrant in color, and represent real places. Is it one hundred percent real? Close but there are still some abstract elements to it.

Photo of Morris Island Lighthouse

Al's Morris Island Lighthouse

Now moving on to David’s work. He captures forests, trees and palms. Some of his work looks almost like a photograph. Real or abstract? One could argue abstract elements are present due to the fact that they are mostly black and white. In reality, the world is not void of color. Perhaps that’s an abstract element that David intends for his viewers to see in order to find another perspective on the world.

Next comes the wall of Roosters and Cows, otherwise known as Anna “The Magic Maker’s” wall. Clearly, there are abstract elements here with a blue cow on a red background. There’s also a wheat field with a red stalk in a sea of golden stalks.

Finally, we arrive at Kealy’s wall. To her, these paint strokes represent certain thoughts, emotions, and objects but are in no way an attempt to NOT be abstract. One could argue this is TRULY abstract art. 100% abstract. Forced into this style of painting, she brings to life symbolism that only the observer can assign meaning to for themselves - circles that can either defy corners or cause spiraling; explosions that can either mean pain or freedom; primary colors that can show peace or conflict or even both.

“Art that can be explained is not art, it is an illustration of an explanation.” - Walter Darby Bannard

Explore your inner artist! Enjoy YOUR art in your own way.

Paint your day.

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