Sunday, September 14, 2014

Recap September 9th- September 13th

Here’s what you missed this past week...What was your favorite part of the week?

Since we don’t get to see all of our friends every week, we want to keep you in the loop about what’s happening at Grapes & Gallery. This week, like most, was full of new/familiar faces and excitement.

This week was crazy! We painted the “Lagoon” (painters courtesy Hub foot-traffic) and had numerous people walk in to paint on their own (DYOT). Don’t forget that DYOT ($20) is first-come, first-served everyday that we are open! #paintyourday

On Wednesday night, we had Dr. Sketchy’s join us in the Cellar. The second Wednesday of every month this group assembles to sketch live models. The models pose for a series of 2, 5, 10 and 20 minute poses while people furiously transform their pencil and paper into a masterpiece. If you are interested in sketching, you need to look into this group. They had a great time sketching and sipping on sake-tinis and craft beer. For more information, visit their webpage at or check them out on Facebook.

Sake? Did somebody say sake? Yes, we serve chilled sake shots ($2) and sake-tinis ($5) in the Cellar bar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. They are amazing...with whip, with love. You need to try these - #flowerchild #believeberry #happylittlecloud #overuseofhashtags #ohwaittheyareallhashtagnames. This week we even experimented with dirty martini and pickled asparagus Bloody Mary sake-tinis. #bestbloodymaryincolumbia

You may think that it was a slow weekend because of the USC-UGA game. Not! We stayed open until almost midnight Friday night with a group of hearty revelers who enjoyed singing and dancing downstairs. People like to let go underground! #cantstopwontstop

Gameday we had a great turnout, including one Georgia fan. If you don’t have cable or just want to watch the Gamecocks play in the company of others, come watch the game with us. We have a big screen TV downstairs and a TV in the upstairs bar as well. #GoCocks

The Hub (an upscale apartment building on Main St. that is home to nearly 850 college students) has resulted in increased foot-traffic in the area. Whether you are new to town or just visiting, come see us. This week, we had a mother and her daughter paint with us during one of our nightly instructor-led painting sessions.

The wine bar is not only a great place to explore your inner artist and to meet new friends, but we are also a great source of information for what’s happening in the area. If you are new to town or rediscovering downtown, we are happy to help you get acquainted. Paradise Ice, Nickelodeon Theatre, Michael’s Cafe and Catering, The Cigar Box, The Good Life Cafe, Mast General Store, Soda City Market, and Columbia Museum of Art are all within a block of Grapes & Gallery and well worth a visit.

If you have seen our front door recently, you would also know that there are a number of festivals coming up downtown. Next weekend, South Carolina Pride will celebrate 25 years with a parade and festival. Be sure to stop by and try our Flight of Pride sake shots.

Moral of the story...Make sure you come see us this week!

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